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Fluffy | 2020  

In this short film made during quarantine, filmmakers Cristian Carretero and Lorraine Jones present a Spielbergian odyssey of a family failing to communicate amongst themselves - and a daughter searching for an escape.


This piece is part of Film Force 8, a film series were a dialogue only script is interpreted by 6 different directors.  



Alma | 2020  

Currently in post-production

What happens when you die? Alma, a single mother, lives in an impoverished mountain town close to her best friend. She works as a cock fight trainer, a sport dominated by men, and is caught in the throes of an abusive relationship, the kind that will surely bring her early demise. Death and life converge in memories and dreams as she remembers and is remembered by someone who prays for her and calls out to her soul. Inspired by real events, this film is an ode to women who die at the hands of violence; it intends to conjure their spirits in order to set them free.


Yolanda | 2013

Set in the Dominican Republic, "Yolanda" is the story of the heroic journey of a mother who decides to escape her dire circumstances by illegally immigrating with her son across the turbulent sea to Puerto Rico. "Yolanda" won Best Short at the Festival de Cine Global Dominicano, at the Screen Loud Film Festival at the Anthology Archives, and the Carl Lerner Award for Social Significance. The acclaimed short has traveled the world.

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This Island | 2014

A young man searching for his place in the world, gets involved in drug trafficking. He and his brother, who are fishermen, pickup a load of cocaine on the high seas. After a violent death he is forced to flee his town, escaping to the innermost part of the Puerto Rico with his lover. They find freedom within the lush mountains. This short was commissioned by the French Institute and won "Best Short" by unanimous decision at the Festival de Cine Europeo in Puerto Rico.


The Ticket | 2017

As a result of the socioeconomic crisis that Puerto Rico faces, the country has suffered the greatest exodus of its history. Jesus, a young man from Mayagüez, tries to survive in the streets of "El Barrio" in New York, but the city swallows him up. Without money or a home, he wanders through the metropolis wishing for a plane ticket back to his Island. This short debuted in the Festival del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano in Havana, Cuba.

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Seeds | 2016

This EMMY award winning documentary takes an in-depth look at agriculture in Puerto Rico. The island is at the center of GMO experimentation. Meanwhile, the island faces an economic and agricultural crisis, as the people can barely produce 10% of what they consume. Luckily, there is a growing sector of people interested in promoting environmentally friendly agriculture, who are dedicated to the struggle of reclaiming their food sovereignty.


Diptic | 2015

This experimental short was commissioned by the "Santurce es Ley" urban art festival, as part of the second edition of "NEO-DIVEDCO". It narrates the parallel stories of a homeless junkie in the city, and a couple of elderly naturopaths in the rural mountains. It premiered at the Puerto Rico Museum of Modern Art.

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Guasábara | 2018

The proposed construction of the “Cristopher Columbus Landing” mega-resort in the town of Aguadilla (Puerto Rico) has been met with continued controversy. There has been a multi-sectorial 20 year old struggle engaged to protect the Playuela coast from further development and designate the area as a Natural Reserve.


The Killer | 2012

One night, while returning home from a long day out in the streets, a taxi is haunted by Death incarnated in different people. This dark comedy was written by renowned Puerto Rican author Juan López Bauzá, and features a cast composed of the best local talent.

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Stray Bullet | 2015

It's New Years Eve in Puerto Rico's busiest public hospital. Around the island It's common for some to shoot their guns up at the sky in celebration. This short documentary captures the dramatic circus of this hospital's emergency room. The film has been screened at film festivals in Puerto Rico, Cuba, Ecuador, and Colombia.


WIPR | 2015-2017

Winner of an Emmy Award for a science and health program."Laboratorio de Comunicaciones Científicas" is a science show that documents scientific innovation in Puerto Rico and abroad. Hosted by Ada Monzón the show is a main venue for science news on the island.  Made for WIPR and in collaboration with the University of Puerto Rico and the organization CienciaPR.

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